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Lash Brow Styling Wax, Keratin and Panthenol - 50 g

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Brow styling wax is a product that is easy and convenient to use, universal and, most importantly, ultra strong. It contains keratin and panthenol in its formulation - strengthening eyebrows and accelerating their growth. Thanks to its texture, it leaves no white residue, so it can easily be used with other make-up products.

When looking for the perfect make-up promakijduct, it is worth looking at the eyebrow styling wax. It's a cosmetic that you will definitely grow fond of and quickly appreciate its benefits. First of all, it is easy and convenient to use, versatile and, most importantly, ultra-strong. It will make styling your eyebrows trivially easy and the effect will be fully satisfying.

Brow styling wax:

  • cares for the perfect condition of the eyebrows
  • stimulates growth
  • revitalises
  • enhances the brows
  • disciplines
  • shapes
  • remains

The formula provides eyebrows with superstrong fixation all day long, and the presence of nutrients, enriches the product with conditioning, nourishing and stimulating eyebrow growth. Thanks to its consistency, it does not leave a white residue, so it can be used with other makeup products without any problem.

Ultra-strong wax tames the hairs and maintains the shape of the eyebrows throughout the day without the need for touch-ups. It contains keratin and panthenol in its composition - it strengthens the eyebrows and accelerates their growth.


  • replenishes the deficiency of components building the structure of eyebrows,
  • increases free amino acids, gives shine and a healthy appearance to eyebrows,
  • regenerates eyebrow structure, prevents breakage and splitting,
  • improves eyebrow hydration,
  • stimulates eyebrow growth,


  • stimulates eyebrow growth,
  • prevents their loss,
  • delays the greying process,
  • intensively moisturises eyebrows,
  • easily penetrates into the eyebrows,
  • closes the hair scales,
  • optically thickens eyebrows,
  • protects against mechanical damage,
  • restores shine, softness, elasticity, volume to the eyebrows,

How to use:

On dry and uncoated eyebrows with any product, apply wax with a clean disposable brush giving the desired shape to the eyebrows. DOES NOT REQUIRE ACTIVATION WITH WATER. Ready to use.


  • Effects
    Refreshing, Modelling, Moisturising

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