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Dr Duda Sulphide Gel for Bath and Shower - 500 g

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Bath and shower gel based on salty sulphurous mineral water from the "Zuzanna" Las Winiarski spring near Busko-Zdrój. It is intended for use in home, relaxing and care baths.

Cares forexfoliating skin, dry and keratinised skin, inhibits skin ageing processes, eliminates and prevents cellulite and pimples, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, alleviates skin irritation and itching, aids weight loss, gives a feeling of relaxation and freshness, increases blood circulation in the skin which facilitates the exchange of bioelements from the brine and sulphide water with the body (toxins leave the body and micro- and macroelements and sulphides are absorbed).

Nourishes and smoothes the skin, cleanses the epidermis (mini-peeling) mineralises it causing an increase in skin elasticity,reduces fine wrinkles, provides the skin with the effect of tension as after a lift. It supports the natural renewal processes of the epidermis, reduces the roughness of the skin, delays photo-ageing, eliminates symptoms of sagging, fatigue and skin stress.

Key ingredients:

  • Bocheńska medicinal salt - enhances the mineralising effect of sulphide-sulphur water.
  • Glycerol - maintains moisture in the skin, enhancing the moisturising effect of sulphide water. Cosmetic glycerol does not cause sensitisation or irritation of the skin. It is highly hygroscopic, i.e. it absorbs water well. Thanks to its small molecules, it easily penetrates the deep layers of the skin, thus facilitating the transport of nutrients and binding water in the skin.
  • Pine oil - is mainly characterised by its antibacterial and antifungal properties. As a result, it has a disinfectant effect and is recommended for the treatment of problematic and acne-prone skin. At the same time, pine oil has a tonic effect, i.e. it tightens and soothes the skin and restores its balance. It promotes the healing of blemishes and prevents scarring. When applied to the skin, pine oil has a warming effect and improves circulation, which is why it reduces joint and muscle pain.

How to use:

For bathing - 250 ml of gel (one glass) per tub of water at 36°C-38°C administered over a stream of infused water, bath time 15-20 minutes.

For cuts - (bathing hands and feet in the joint area) add 2 capfuls of gel per 5-8 litres of warm water (36°C-38°C), bath time 15-20 minutes.

For shower - apply two capfuls of sulphide gel to wet skin, rinse with warm water after washing the body.


Busko Aqua Sulphide, Mineral Salt, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Methylcellulose, Pini Silvestris Oil, Sodium Benzoate.


  • Effects
    Soothing, Refreshing, Revitalising
  • Skin Type
    All skin types

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