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Brita Maxtra+ Hard Water Filter Cartidge - 1 piece

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Brita Maxtra + Hard Water Expert jug insert

The new Hard Water Expert jug filter has been designed to more effectively eliminate limescale in the water. Natural activated carbon particles purify the water - catch unwanted substances, improve its taste and smell. On the other hand, the ion-exchange pearls added to the filtering mixture soften the water up to 50% more effectively compared to the Pure Performance cartridge. It is the perfect choice for all those who struggle with the problem of hard water in the tap.

Longer life of your kitchen appliances

The calcium particles contained in hard water settle on the bottom of the kettle, on the dishes or parts of automatic coffee machines. The water filter with increased softening effect eliminates this problem. Thanks to its use, you will protect the devices and keep them in good condition for longer.

Tastier drinks

Filtered water is an excellent base for drinks. Your coffee, tea or refreshing lemonade will taste better than ever. Thanks to the softening properties of the filter, you will also get rid of the cloudy sediment on their surface. The clean, clarified and above all healthy water that you get with the filter cartridge can also be used for cooking delicious dishes.

Less waste and more money in your wallet

The filter in the jug significantly improves the quality of your tap water, so you can completely dispense with water in plastic bottles in your home. In this way, you will contribute to the reduction of the production of environmentally harmful plastic. You will also save your money because tap water is several hundred times cheaper than the one bought in the store.

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