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Molkur Bauchtropfen Whey Concentrate - 250 ml

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MOLKUR® is a whey concentrate, produced on the basis of Dr Sanders' original and patented recipe, whose natural action and effectiveness is based on more than 90 years of experience of use. The central site of action of MOLKUR® is the mucosa of the digestive system, mouth, oesophagus, stomach and intestines.

100% natural and complex composition

Molkur® Bauchtropfen is a 100% natural and body-friendly preparation, which is produced on the basis of whey concentrate from the highest quality milk. The effect of the product is based on the biological properties of the whey concentrate components, among which are: racemic lactic acid and B vitamins.

Tradition and nature to support the digestive and immune systems

The formula is produced from an original, traditional and patented recipe that was developed in 1923. The whey concentrate contains many milk components that are important for the human body (primarily racemic lactic acid), and the concentrated consistency (concentrate) of these components positively supports the functioning of the body.

Guarantee of the highest quality and safety Molkur® Bauchtropfen

The preparations in the Mito-Pharma® range are manufactured in Germany and Switzerland to the highest pharmaceutical standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The Molkur® formulation is based on more than 90 years of research and practice, based on Dr Sanders' original and patented recipe, which guarantees the highest purity and quality, as well as the constancy of its composition.

Molkur® Bauchtropfen is a preparation containing racemic lactic acid and B vitamins.

The product is intended for adults and children over 12 years of age to supplement their diet with lactic acid-containing cow's milk whey concentrate.

Molkur® Bauchtropfen should not be taken at the same time as milk, as this may lead to indigestion. In case of discomfort after taking Molkur® Bauchtropfen, drink a glass of warm water.

Molkur® Bauchtropfen should not be used if there is an intolerance to milk protein (lactose) and in galactosemia (a rare genetic disorder involving intolerance to galactose).

Molkur® Bauchtropfen is a 100% natural preparation, a concentrate made from a traditional recipe developed in 1923 by the founder of Galactopharm Dr. Sandres GmbH & Co.KG.

Directions for use:

Take 3 times daily (in the morning after waking, at midday after a meal and in the evening before bedtime) 30 drops (1.53 ml/2.25 g), possibly without dilution, or diluted in 1/2 glass of water or juice. The dropper bottle should be tilted slightly, If the dropping process does not occur immediately, lightly tap the bottom of the bottle.

Do not exceed the recommended daily serving. The dietary supplement must not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet should be observed. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the preparation.

Storage conditions:

Store closed, in a dry, cool place, out of the reach of small children. Turbidity and sediment at the bottom are natural phenomena, caused by the high concentration and storage of the product.


Cow's milk whey concentrate (concentrated lactic acid).


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Patryk Pioro (Vlaardingen, Netherlands)
Goed kwaliteit en goed service voor kleine prijs.

Ik ben helemaal tevreden, goed kwaliteit voor kleine prijs

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