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Bilovit Natural Frankincense - Dragon's Blood

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White (Indian) sage in the form of natural incense has been used for centuries in ritual ceremonies to decontaminate and cleanse a room of negative energy and bad emotions. Dragon's blood (a bright red resin extracted from the dragon tree) added to sage powers its purifying power. The beautiful, mystical aroma of incense promotes concentration and focus.

The Dragon's Blood incense is a bundle of white sage infused with bright red resin from the Dracaena tree (Dracaena Draco). The incense is characterised by a strong and herbal, yet spicy-sweet fragrance.

The origins of the use of white sage for incense and smoke making date back to the traditions of indigenous Indian tribes. During shamanic rituals, white sage is sometimes burned as incense and the process is called - smudging. The shamans, after lighting the sage leaves, distribute the smoke over the body and the people who take part in the ceremony. Beliefs indicate that the smoke cleanses the soul and body of negative energy, and provides protection against evil spirits. The soothing and relaxing fragrance of dragon's blood strengthens and removes negative feelings and thoughts, enhancing the effects of white sage.

The essential oils contained in white sage are emitted not only when smoked, but also when rubbed. White sage has a soothing effect on allergies, helps to alleviate digestive and respiratory ailments, and improves concentration and sleep quality.

White sage has a soothing effect on allergies, helps to alleviate digestive and respiratory ailments, and improves concentration and sleep quality.

Length of incense: approx. 7-12 cm

Weight: approx. 25-30 g

Method of use:

Place the trap in the ground. Remove the protective paper. It is advisable to shake the plant gently to facilitate the capture of insects. It is advisable to use the trap as a preventative measure as well as during increased insect-pest incidence.

  1. Take a ladle in your hand and light its tip.
  2. Maintaining the continuity of the flame, wait until the frankincense begins to burn.
  3. Seeing a small flame on the incense - extinguish it by blowing it out.
  4. The incense will begin to smoke intensely.

When the incense is finished, leave the incense on the ceramic or stone stand until it extinguishes on its own, or extinguish it if necessary.

The incense can also be burned on chervil coals, after being crushed first.


Never leave lit incense unattended. Keep product away from children and animals.


White sage (Salvia Apiana)*, resin from dragon dracaena (Dracaena Draco).

*product from cultivation (which does not affect the population of white sage, which is considered an endangered species).

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