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Bilovit Menthol Crystalline - 100 g

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Crystalline menthol is commonly used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Although prized for its characteristic pungent and penetrating aroma, it also carries a host of therapeutic benefits. It occurs naturally in essential oils of mint, especially those extracted from the peppermint variety. It should come as no surprise, then, that it is regarded by experts as an essential oil, only in its solid form. It is also worth noting the remarkable therapeutic properties of menthol - for health and beauty, on a daily basis or as needed - when to use crystalline menthol?

Crystalline menthol - composition and properties

Crystalline menthol is an organic compound belonging to the alcohols of the terpene group. At room temperature, it occurs in the form of white, delicate crystals. However, no one should be misled by its form, as the product has strong biological effects. Crystalline menthol has anaesthetic properties, reduces throat irritation and congestion of the mucous membranes. It exhibits bactericidal activity, supports the body during infections, but also in the case of asthma and allergies. The intense aroma relieves headaches and sinus symptoms, relaxes and relieves tension. Applied topically, crystalline menthol has the ability to trigger receptors in the skin - especially those sensitive to cold. When applied, it dilates the blood vessels at the application site and warms up strongly, which significantly supports the regenerative processes.

Crystalline menthol - indications and uses

Inhalation with crystalline menthol gives a noticeable cooling and refreshing sensation. It makes breathing easier and at the same time effectively supports the treatment of colds and catarrhs. Often used in the sauna, it fills the room not only with hot steam, but also with an intense aroma. By simply placing a few ice menthol crystals on the pre-cooled sauna stones, the room fills with a healing aroma. Such crystals when melted on the hot stones are the best form of relaxation in the sauna.

It is also perfect for therapeutic baths.... at home. Crystal menthol is an addition to ointments for muscle and joint pain. It can be applied topically in the form of poultices on bruises and swellings of various origin. It brings relief from pain, reduces swelling and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. Crystalline menthol soothes irritation and cleanses the skin, regulates sebum production and promotes the natural shine of hair, and can reduce inflammation associated with dermatological problems.

Crystalline menthol is a versatile product that can easily be used in skin care and hygiene preparations, effectively replacing commercial and unfortunately - often harmful - cleaning products. Crystalline menthol is ideal as an ingredient in homemade cleaning products. It eliminates bacteria and microorganisms, but unlike commercial products, it is natural and safe - and does not differ from them in effectiveness.

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