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Bilovit Citric Acid - 1000 g

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Citric acid has a long history, with origins dating back to 1784. Industrial-scale production began 100 years later, and today more than two million tonnes of the substance are produced each year. Citric acid is invariably one of the most versatile natural cleaning agents. A safe, eco-friendly and effective way to clean your home is within everyone's reach.

Citric acid - properties

Citric acid is an organic chemical compound - non-toxic and safe for health. Its action is similar to that of vinegar, but it is milder and, importantly for some, odourless. It has disinfectant properties, is effective against various types of bacteria and viruses, and also combats mould.

Citric acid is an effective and economical alternative to conventional cleaning products. It is excellent at removing mineral deposits, stains and rust from a wide variety of surfaces. It comes in handy when doing the laundry and is indispensable in the kitchen. How to use citric acid?

Citric acid - uses

Citric acid will come in handy when deep cleaning the washing machine and dishwasher. Pour two tablespoons of the substance into the appliance (optionally, you can also add a tablespoon of baking soda) and then select a programme using hot water. The citric acid will easily reach every part, remove limescale and detergent residues, leaving the appliance perfectly clean. Repeat the process regularly - every 30 cycles for dishwashers and once every 2 months for washing machines to avoid damage and extend the service life.

Lemon acid will help to remove mineral deposits from your kettle without too much effort. Place two teaspoons of the product inside, pour in water, boil, then pour out the mixture and rinse the kettle - that's it. Lemon acid can also be used when washing, it acts as a natural bleach - it will help get rid of tough stains and restore the whiteness of fabrics. Just add two tablespoons of acid to the drum in addition to the detergent and wash as usual.

Citric acid - all-purpose cleaner

With the help of citric acid, an all-purpose cleaning spray can be created. Mix two tablespoons of powder with 250 ml of warm water in an atomiser bottle. Then shake vigorously so that the ingredients combine. The resulting product will disinfect and thoroughly clean many surfaces. How to use?

  • on kitchen worktops and tables - will remove grease, dirt, coffee and tea stains and other stains
  • on stainless steel surfaces and appliances - will restore a streak-free shine
  • for cleaning fittings - will help to remove stains caused by hard water
  • for windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces - effectively fights stubborn dirt

To make cleaning a little more pleasant, a small amount of your favourite essential oil can be added to the spray.

Lemon acid should not be used on surfaces made of natural stone, wax-protected wood or items made of brass, as they can be damaged over time.

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