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Alpine FlyFit Earplugs for Flying and Travel

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Ear plugs Alpine FlyFit designed for those seeking the utmost comfort when travelling. The special acoustic filter suppresses unpleasant noise and hum in cars, trains and planes, while protecting against excessive sound levels, and pressure changes during plane take-off or landing. FlyFit earplugs guarantee a relaxing flight and a comfortable start to your holiday.

Unique features of PartyPlug stopwatches

  • Pressure regulating filter prevents pain caused by air pressure
  • Reduces noise
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Handy eti
  • Conversations can still be heard
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple use

Revolutionary model of earplugs.

Two decades of experience have enabled Alpine to develop an excellent new model of earplugs. The extremely well thought-out and comprehensively tested shape of the earplugs ensures a natural, flat cushioning and a perfect fit. Added to this is the use of a special filter that blocks out only disturbing sounds.

AlpineAcousticFilters™ - adjustable earplugs

Wearing FlyFit earplugs during flight regulates the annoying pressure on the eardrums during take-off and landing. The filters act like valves and provide a gradual and constant pressure balance between the external environment and the middle ear. In this way, the Eustachian trumpet has sufficient time to acclimatise to pressure changes. In addition, special acoustic filters in the FlyFit earplugs provide protection against annoying ambient noise. The earplugs make it easier to rest and relax on long flights, but they are also perfect for bus, train and car journeys. Alpine Pluggies Kids earplugs are available for children who experience ear pain during air travel.

AlpineThermoShape™ material

Alpine's innovative earplugs are made from a thermoplastic material specially developed by Alpine: AlpineThermoShape. This material moulds to the shape of your ears, allowing the earplugs to fit perfectly into your ear canals. You are guaranteed a comfortable fit without uncomfortable pressure on your ears. You are assured that the earplugs will remain in the correct position, thus ensuring optimum noise reduction. ATS does not contain silicone, so it does not cause allergic reactions.

Soft filters - extremely flexible

The FlyFit and SleepSoft earplugs are the only earplugs on the market with soft, flexible filters. This provides even more comfort when travelling. Thanks to these soft filters, you can sleep soundly with your head turned to the side, resting against the seat.


Alpine has developed an easy-to-use cleaning tool that removes earwax from earplugs. By keeping the earplugs clean, they perform optimally and last longer.

Longevity and cleaning

The lifespan of earplugs depends on the frequency of use. Keeping earplugs clean will prolong their life. Earplugs can be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water.

Dutch design

The design of the Alpine earplugs is an exclusive Dutch design. All earplugs and filter systems are manufactured in the Netherlands.

Package contents.
  • Two universal thermoplastic ear protectors
  • Two soft acoustic filters
  • "Cleaner"
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Tube for easy insertion of earplug

Additional information

Size: M

Material: AlpineThermoShape™

Colour: Transparent

Nominal diameter: 9-12 mm

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