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Bilovit Rosewood Essential Oil - 10 ml

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Rose tree essential oil is obtained from a plant known as rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), which belongs to the botanical family Laureaceae. The production of the extract is characterized by a low yield of about 5%, which means that for every 100 kg of raw material, less than 5 kg of essential oil is obtained. It therefore represents a very valuable and desirable product. For centuries it has been considered synonymous with sophistication and luxury, today it is most important in aromatherapy and natural medicine.

Rosewood oil - properties

The oil is rich in a chemical called linalool (up to 90%), which makes the product excellent at fighting pathogenic microorganisms - bacteria, viruses and fungi. When used in a diffuser, it supports the work and strengthens the response of the immune system. It cleanses the air and relieves the symptoms of infection - eliminates headaches and weakness, facilitates breathing.

It is an excellent addition to massage. The product strongly regenerates and moisturizes, and is a support in the treatment of a wide variety of skin diseases, relieving most unpleasant symptoms (such as itching and tenderness). It is recommended for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars and other minor imperfections. The extract is believed to support the lymphatic system and prevent fluid stagnation.

Rosewood has a refreshing, sweet and warm fragrance with woody and camphor notes. Unsurprisingly, it is somewhat reminiscent of the aroma of a rose. The product is used for emotional imbalance, combats apathy, stress and anxiety. It shows excellent therapeutic properties, but the warm and sensual scent of the oil is also used for pleasure - as in aromatherapy it is considered a strong aphrodisiac.

Origin of raw material: Rosewood grows in the rainforests of South America.

INCI: Aniba Rosaeodora Wood Oil

Action: relaxing, relaxing, relieving symptoms of infections

Aroma: sweet, woody, floral

Color: colorless to light yellow

Note: heart

Recommended application: for massage, for bath, in a diffuser, for inhalation

Contraindications: may irritate sensitive skin. When using for the first time, perform a topical test. Do not use in case of any wounds or irritation. Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women.

Matching oils: frankincense, mandarin, rosemary, ylang ylang


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