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Bilovit Natural Aromatic Incense Sweet Fruits - 40 g

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Indian Sweet Fruit incense hand-rolled on a bamboo stick with a tropical, fruity aroma. Thanks to the use of high quality natural ingredients the incense sticks are characterised by an incredibly deep bouquet of fragrance. Bilovit incense sticks are an excellent choice for meditation, yoga, air aromatisation, or tranquillity and relaxation. The incense sticks have been produced with care for the environment.

Bilovit incense sticks are a combination of natural compositions of resins, flowers, herbs, as well as essential oils. The incense sticks do not contain chemical admixtures, synthetic fragrance additives or petroleum-based ingredients. The pack contains about 28-32 pieces of incense sticks, while the burning time for each is about 40-70 minutes.

The Night Jasmine incense sticks are characterised by a fresh, intriguing, more floral (than jasmine) fragrance, which is a blend of floral notes. This fragrance can help with evening relaxation, offering a dose of tranquillity. The jasmine flower smells most intensely at night.

All the raw materials used in the production of the incense sticks are ground into powder and then mixed together. The recipes for the incense mixtures are a highly guarded secret, while recipes handed down for generations often date back as far as the XVII century. All incense sticks are made by hand in a traditional Indian workshop by rolling the moist mixture around a bamboo stick, then dipping it into the essential oil blend, and drying it in turn.

  • Incense length: approx. 20 cm (due to handmade incense can vary in length)
  • Burning time: 40-70 minutes (depends on humidity and airiness of the room)
  • Package contents: approx. 28-32 pieces
  • Content weight: 40 g
  • Country of production: India


  1. Place the incense on a saucer, or stick it into a stable base.
  2. Place the incense on a base.
  3. Smoke the tip of the incense.
  4. Light the incense.
  5. Maintaining the continuity of the flame, wait until the incense begins to burn.
  6. While noticing a small flame on the incense - extinguish it by blowing it out.

Leave the incense stick on the saucer until it extinguishes on its own, or, if necessary, extinguish it by pressing the glow tip against the saucer or other safe surface. An extinguished incense stick can be set off several times.


Never leave a lit incense stick unattended. Keep the product away from children and animals.


Store the incense sticks in the closed, original packaging in a dry and shaded place to prevent them from becoming damp.

The packaging is designed to protect the incense sticks from damage, while additional parchment reduces pollen contamination when removing the incense sticks from the pack.


Blend of resin, herbs, flower petals and essential oils, bamboo stick.

*Some of the incense sticks that cannot sustain a flame on their own have a coconut charcoal core to help them burn.

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