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Bilovit Essential Oil Nebulizer with Ceramic Attachment

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The nebuliser is currently the only known device available on the market that extracts the most intense aroma from essential oils. The Bilovit brand nebuliser works without the use of high temperature and water, so it does not alter the composition of the essential oils (it retains all the therapeutic properties of the natural oils). This model is very small in size, so it can even be used in the office.

The essential oil diffuser from the Bilovit brand has been designed with the core values of aromatherapy in mind. Natural and safe materials were used - rubber wood, glass and ceramics, which do not react with the oils in any way - the extracts retain their chemical purity and all their essential properties.

The device is easy to use, convenient and above all - very effective. Although primarily created for aromatherapy enthusiasts, it is gaining more and more followers, from professionals to amateurs - everyone who values a natural approach to health and well-being.

The device is easy to use, comfortable and, above all, very effective.

Nebuliser - what is it?

The nebuliser is a device that works on the basis of cold diffusion technology. By using air under high pressure, the essential oil is broken down into very fine particles, creating a fine micro-mist. The fragrance is released quickly and evenly, even over large areas.

This diffuser works without the use of high heat or water to maximise the therapeutic potential of the oils. The aroma is intense and deep, and the lightness of the mist ensures that the fragrance does not overwhelm and lingers in the air for up to several hours.

Nebuliser - uses

The nebuliser can be used during aromatherapy and all kinds of inhalations - the mist is so fine that it allows the oil to be quickly absorbed into the lungs. It is also an excellent way to neutralise unpleasant odours, refresh and disinfect interiors. Using the right essential oil, a professional diffuser will clean the air of pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms that are difficult to eliminate otherwise.

The Bilovit brand essential oil nebuliser is suitable for spraying all types of extracts, the only limitation being.... the current need. However, it is worth remembering that the best results can be achieved using only the highest quality oils.

Professional diffuser - how to use?

The nebuliser consists of a wooden base and a glass chamber, on top of which there is a ceramic distribution lid. The device is extremely easy to operate and should not cause any difficulties.

After removing the diffusing nozzle, apply the chosen essential oil (approx. 1 - 2 ml) into the glass chamber, then place the cap back in place and select the desired mode of operation using the knob on the wooden base. The device will then illuminate in yellow.

It is recommended to clean the nebuliser regularly - simply rinse the glass with alcohol (e.g. isopropyl or ethyl) and allow to dry. This should be repeated depending on the frequency of use (with daily use once a week). It is worth remembering to clean the device also (each time) when changing the aroma.

Mode of operation:

The nebuliser operates in intermittent mode: 2 minutes of operation, 3 minutes of pause.

Do not use the nebuliser for more than 3 hours.


The diffuser has a mechanical knob so that we can adjust the strength of the action. After 15-20 minutes of operation, the fragrance of the oil should easily spread over an area of 20-30 m2.

To remove the glass part from the wooden base, you need to use a little force while twisting the jar. Mounting works on the push-in principle, with a slight screwing action at the same time.

Technical data Parameters
Height 15.5 cm
Colour Brown
Material Glass + Rubberwood + Ceramic
Action area 30 m2
Power supply DC 5V 1000mA
Capacity 30 ml
Warranty 24 months
Cable length: 142 cm

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