How to get rid of toxins? Top tips to detox your body

How to get rid of toxins? Top tips to detox your body

We live in an environment full of pollution, exhaust fumes, smog or contaminated food, this does not do our bodies any good. Although our body has its own unique system for removing toxins, there is nothing stopping us from supporting this system and getting rid of them even faster. Remember to consult your doctor before embarking on any detoxification process to make sure it will be safe for your body.

The right time to detox

According to research, the most optimal time to undertake a cleansing programme is when our body is overwhelmed with excess toxins. How can you recognise that there are too many toxins in your body? If you often feel overtired, consume too much alcohol, smoke, still frequently eat red meat or have trouble sleeping, this could be a sign that your body needs cleansing. However, don't see detox as a short-term treatment for your body, but as a long-term plan to introduce healthy habits.

Choose a cleansing programme adapted to you

Not all detox methods are right for everyone, so before embarking on a cleanse try to find out as much as you can about a particular programme so that it suits your age, level of physical activity, weight and general health. It is worth bearing this in mind, for example, when attempting a deep cleanse, which is only advisable for people who are fully healthy and physically active, lighter programmes are advisable for overweight people. If you want the most effective results, work with your doctor or nutritionist, together you will determine which detoxification methods will be suitable for your body.

Which detox for weight loss?

Detox of the body is an excellent preparation for weight loss. After cleaning the whole body of toxins it is much easier to lose weight, because the digestive system can work more efficiently, and the metabolism speeds up significantly. If we want the detox diet not to turn out to be a diet with yo-yo effect, we should not decide on any mono-diet or starvation, which lead to slowing down of the metabolism process, nutritional deficiencies and loss of muscle mass. A much better solution is to replace unhealthy products with those rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin C. It is worth introducing into the daily diet substances that support liver function, contained in mint or chamomile, among others, as well as diuretic substances that improve the work of the kidneys and help to remove toxins more quickly with urine. They are found mainly in cranberries, parsley and nettle. In a slimming and detoxifying diet, fibre is also extremely important, as it accelerates the removal of undigested residues binding toxins. In turn, the richest in fibre are groats, grapefruit and bran. In turn, all highly processed products containing large amounts of chemical additives, i.e. preservatives, colourings, emulsifiers and flavourings should be excluded from the menu. You should also limit coffee, alcohol, strong tea, low-quality processed meats, hydrogenated fats, sugar and sweets. During the detox and slimming diet we should also take care of the right way of preparing food, giving up frying and breading. 

Eliminate unhealthy habits

Whatever method of additional detox you choose, it will not be effective until you reduce or eliminate unhealthy habits from your life. This means that you should stop smoking cigarettes, minimise the effect of "passive" smoking, as well as stop consuming alcohol. In addition, you should also give up eating heavily processed, fatty foods and avoid sugar and unprocessed wheat products.


Physical activity during detox is highly recommended and even encouraged. Walking, cycling, running, swimming and other fitness-enhancing exercises will keep the digestive system in good condition. Accelerated heartbeat and sweat coming out of our body also help to cleanse the body of toxins. During detoxification, not only will intense exercise work, but yoga is particularly good for our body. It effectively stimulates the organs involved in digestion and detoxification, improves circulation and clears the mind.

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